updated 8/23/99

History of Colo Kid <DRAAGUN> =AFFS=



Of which

I am proudly a member



Well it was along or about Febuary or March of "96"

I had only had a computer for a year and a half , and fianally got a modum that would let me on the internet (a old zoom 14.4) and decided I would try AOL with all the hype there was going on at the time about it. With being a major vidio nut (I always was and always will be) I was constantly looking for a new game to play. Then came the day in mid "96" that I came across the way to MPBT (I had seen it before but didn't have the hard drive space to download it) and since I had just bought a new 1.2 gig and it was only 1/4th full I decided what the hell I will try it. It took me 2 days of tring but fianally got it downloaded and installed. Got into the game and was instantainously hooked. I didnt do much for awhile (but die) till I meet a couple guys "Crispin" and "Kennedy" (They were members of a sable called the "Novas") after a couple weeks I had met most of them , well they recruted me with promises of training etc. etc. etc. At that time there was very few , if any lance fighting but we droped a whole shit load of practice fights honing our skills , and having one hell of alot of fun.

Everything was great with talk of 3025 coming soon(hmmmm wonders if that will ever happen) and scuddlebutt about the house succision wars coming soon, then AOl droped its bomb shell about charging $2.00 a hr the play and I could not afford that (plus was boycoting them for awhile) as I usually played 5 - 8 hrs a day back then. I know that sounds like alot of hrs a day but my situation alowed me to be online off and on all day.


I played some after a month or so but limited myself to 8 or 10 hrs a month , and it seemed everyone I knew was gone , and so it wasn't as much fun. Fianally got so mad at AOL
for the extra charges , and poor connection speeds (14.4 max in my area) that I quit them and subscribed to a local isp. I wandered aimlessly for awhile tring out netmech on the zone, and different games on mplayer , but none gave the charge that I got from climing into a mech on solaris and opening a can of whoopass and tearting it up.

Then one day decided to go ahead and download and install AOL instant messenger and see if I could find any of the old group and get them together some where and play netmech or something. Then an old buddie of mine (Chappy) told me of GameStorm and LineOne, he even let me use his account for a month. Felt great to be in the game again but wandered around solars killin and dieing mostly (it was like being a newbe all over the talent on this server way surpassed that on the AOL server.

Then I ran into a old sable mate of mine (looks at Rygat) and he asked me if I wanted to Join the DRAAGUN well at first I was reluctant as I had hoped to get the Novas reformed on GS. Well after being on GS for about three weeks and not having any luck getting the old sable back together I fianally decided to try out for the DRAAGUN . I was tested some by Merlin , Law and a couple other members then made a full member . Back then the DRAAGUN was small in size but large in the presence in the game and about all we did was lance . Well @ $10.00 a month this was cheeper than what I was paying for 8 to 10 hrs, on AOL so started my own account. Along about this time the simms started with Merlin being one of the major players in putting it together , the DRAAGUN were a instant hit in the simms (we kicked some major ass back then) hell with all the flamin on the GS message boards we even took on the whole House Steiner and won . What a great time that was hehehehe. After a few Simms, since House Liao had next to no forces participating, we decided to help bring out the fifth element and join there house. LOR was house leader at the time and made Merlin the Simm leader for the house. A few Simms later Black Widow then took control of Liao, and Merlin was relieved as SIMM leader for older Liao members . We still put up great win percentages but being in such a small house was taxing in the overall war.. Since the Kell Hounds at the time were our toughest competition we asked them to join Liao with us. They were a great help and Liao started putting up great overall numbers. After shift of power and personality conflicts the DRAAGUN broke off from LIAO and went merc for awhile.

DRAAGUN was still going strong but grew a little too fast. People were getting disinterested in the game and that caused us to lose our first major fight against the O.I.s. After making Liao a name in the game, instead of a whisper, we didn't feel appreciated by the house as a whole and had a falling out. Back to mercin it. Those events lead into the DRAAGUN exodus when a third of our stable formed the C.H.s with Sniper .

with offers of ownership of bars , arena`s , money etc coming in from all the other houses , we voted to join House Davion =AFFS= after awhile ( was cool to decide where and for who we would fight for and take our time about deciding what one we would join ) .

Through all that DRAAGUN pulled it back together and are still going strong.